Nursing Schools in Utah

With more than 84,000 square miles of land, you may be surprised to learn that the over 2 million residents of Utah actually live only around the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, leaving most of the land uninhabited and untouched by man. Yet, the uninhabited parts of Utah may prove to be the most beautiful. The Rocky Mountains, Great Basin, and Colorado River all bring in visitors every year to marvel at the dry, orange-hued deserts, massive sand dunes, pine forests, and towering mountains. Despite being dry and hot for most of the year, the mountainous regions of the Beehive State receive measurable snowfall each winter, making it a cool destination for skiing enthusiasts. Even near the main city there is a natural wonder to behold: the Great Salt Lake. This lake is the biggest salt lake in the western hemisphere, spanning an astounding 1,700 square miles.

Tourism is one of the strongest industries driving Utah’s economy. With several national parks, including Arches, Bryce Canyon, and Capitol Reef, the Beehive State is no stranger to entertaining and educating visitors from out of town. Winter ski activities also drive up the state’s tourism activity. Another industry faring well in the state is health care. This is mainly due to the fact that a large portion of the population is now nearing retirement age, driving up the demand for health care professionals such as registered nurses. Those looking to join the nursing field will find the best employment opportunities in and around Salt Lake City, where most of the state’s residents live and work. To become a registered nurse (RN) in Utah, you must earn a diploma, associate, or bachelor’s degree from an approved nursing education program. Afterwards, prospective nurses must also successfully complete the NCLEX-RN examination to gain a nursing license.

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