Urologic Nurse

What Does a Urologic Nurse Do?

A urologic nurse is a nurse who specializes in treating patients with diseases related to the kidney, bladder, urethra, and other parts of the human urinary system. In some cases, urologic nurses are also involved in the treatment of the male and female reproductive systems. Since urinary and reproductive health are part and parcel of achieving and maintaining a healthy body overall, the work of urologic nurses is both important and rewarding. Urologic nurses often deal with kidney or renal stones, which are solidified substances from crystallized urine which impair the proper functioning of the kidney. Urologic nurses also treat urinary tract infections and bladder infections, two very common types of infections which can affect anyone at any time for a variety of reasons. Urologic nurses typically perform urinary health exams, diagnose problems like bladder incontinence, prescribe medication, and teach patients how to best maintain urinary health.

How Can I Become a Urologic Nurse?

Becoming a urologic nurse requires a specific type of education and training. An aspiring urologic nurse must first enroll in either a two-year associate’s degree program or a four-year bachelor’s degree program. Either is acceptable, although the four-year degree plan generally opens up more employment options. Basic courses that potential urologic nurses take as undergraduates include human anatomy, chemistry, and biology. In the latter part of study, students will take more specialized courses, leading up to a certification exam to become a Registered Nurse (RN). Once a student passes the exam, she is prepared to work in an entry-level general hospital position. Most urologic nurses begin by working as RNs, in which they encounter a variety of situations and medical conditions. Once an RN has a few years of experience, especially working with urinary conditions, she can apply to work at urology offices. Sometimes it is advisable to take certification tests through national organizations like the Certification Board for Urologic Nurses and Associates.

What Is the Career and Salary Outlook for a Urologic Nurse?

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the job outlook for registered nurses in general is said to be excellent and the industry as a whole is growing at a a rate that is much faster than average. Job growth between 2008 and 2018 is projected to be about 22%. According to Simplyhired.com, the average salary that urologic nurses can expect to make is roughly $48,000 a year. This figure, however , varies greatly from state to state, city to city, and hospital to hospital. Still, you can rest assured that urology is an exciting field that will provide endless opportunity for career growth. Conditions associated with urinary and reproductive health are extremely common, affecting nearly everyone in the general population. What’s more, as the baby boomer generation continues to age, these conditions will proliferate even more, meaning that urology nurses will be in particularly high demand.

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