Nursing Schools in Michigan

The Great Lakes state of Michigan is a good place to launch a nursing career, even though its reputation precedes it as the state hardest hit by the recession. Unemployment was at an alarming 14 percent here as of April 2010. The good news is that the health care industry is one of the few strong industries left here, meaning most nurses still remain gainfully employed. Michigan may have a tougher job market than in other states, but qualified nurses who dedicate themselves to the job hunt shouldn’t remain unemployed for long. After all, nursing has long been deemed a recession-proof job. Those who maintain their nursing license here may soon find themselves in a much better nursing job climate anyway, as current estimates show Michigan is on its way to having a nursing shortage of 18,000 by 2015. In the meanwhile, qualified nurses are currently needed in Michigan’s hospitals, outpatient clinics, doctor’s offices, nursing homes and home health care services.

The most highly sought-after nursing jobs in Michigan are concentrated in and around the major population centers, such as the Detroit metro area, Grand Rapids, Warren and Sterling Heights areas. Some of the largest and best-known employers of registered nurses in Michigan include: the University of Michigan Health System, the Henry Ford Health Care System, Detroit Medical Center & DMC Hospitals, Lakeland Healthcare, Beaumont Hospitals, the Oakwood Healthcare System, the St. John Providence Health System, and Trinity Health. Those who want to become nurses in Michigan can get information about state licensure through the Michigan Board of Nursing, which maintains a website listing the state’s recognized nursing programs. The Michigan Nurses Association is the professional organization that represents the state’s nurses, and it maintains a website where RNs here can connect with each other, find continuing education opportunities, and keep up to date on policy issues relevant to Michigan’s nurses.

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