Nursing Schools in Pennsylvania

If ever there were a state that represented American history, then Pennsylvania is it. Wedged in the middle of the original 13 colonies, Pennsylvania is nicknamed the “Keystone State” for its resemblance to the keystone of a stone arch. The U.S. Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence were written in the state, and Pennsylvania also served as the backdrop for the First and Second Constitutional Congress. In addition to all of the important events that have taken place within state lines, the Keystone State also boasts a highly modernized way of life with natural splendor just a short jaunt away. Forests, lakes, and rivers all make for scenic getaways for residents looking for a weekend respite from big city life. After all, Pennsylvania has some of the largest cities in the nation, making it a great place for the movers and shakers of the world to live.

Boasting a relatively low unemployment rate, Pennsylvania is a prospering state despite the recent economic slowdown. Banking and agriculture are two of the biggest industries driving the state’s economy. In fact, the country’s first nationally chartered bank – the Bank of North America – was created in Pennsylvania. The state is also the nation’s leader in terms of production of mushrooms, Christmas trees, and milk. This motley collection of agricultural goods only shows how much the Keystone State has to offer to the rest of the country. Health care is an industry holding steady as well. Those looking to work in nursing in Pennsylvania must earn a diploma, associate, or bachelor’s degree from an approved nursing education program. Afterwards, prospective nurses must also successfully complete the NCLEX-RN examination to gain a nursing license before they are allowed to practice.

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