Nursing Schools in North Carolina

One of the original Thirteen Colonies established by the English before America became an independent nation, North Carolina is steeped in history. The state provided the scenic backdrop to the Wright brothers’ first successful flight at Kill Devil Hills. It also is the birthplace of Pepsi-Cola and Krispy Kreme, both American icons now seen in numerous cities around the world. Yet, the Tar Heel State is made up of more than just flight innovation and snack goldmines. In fact, North Carolina may be most renowned for its natural splendor. With sprawling green fields, picturesque waterfalls, tree-covered mountains, wave-lapped beaches, and twinkling cityscapes, it is little wonder that the Old North State captures the hearts of its residents and visitors alike.

As evidenced by the presence of the Bank of America and Wachovia headquarters, North Carolina has a booming finance and banking industry. In fact, the city of Charlotte is the nation’s second largest banking center after New York City. However, while the big cities are prospering, the Tar Heel State’s smaller towns that were once reliant on textile factories are dwindling due to the shift in economic climate. Yet, an industry that remains stable despite new trends and changes is health care. Job opportunities for nurses in North Carolina are most readily available in the state’s biggest cities, such as Charlotte and Greensboro. In order to become a registered nurse (RN) in North Carolina, you must earn a diploma, associate, or bachelor’s degree from an approved nursing education program. Afterwards, prospective nurses must also successfully complete the NCLEX-RN examination to gain a nursing license before they are allowed to practice. In addition, all nurses must complete continuing education requirements in order to renew their licenses, which include finishing at least 30 hours of continuing nursing education, 15 hours of a nursing project as a chief investigator, or another North Carolina Board of Nursing-approved term.

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