Nursing Schools in Missouri

Nurses in Missouri get to enjoy the remarkably low cost of living typical of the Midwest and Deep South without having to sacrifice big city life. In fact, Missouri’s big cities with their large hospitals usually report higher average yearly nursing salaries than the rest of the state. At the same time, Missouri’s friendly and welcoming small towns—and even rural areas—offer plenty of nursing opportunities as well. Even though Missouri has not been immune to the recession in the U.S., the good news for nurses here is that the health care industry, of which nurses make up a large part, remains strong. That’s why nursing is often deemed a recession-proof job. Also, the statewide nursing shortage in Missouri is a good sign that plenty of positions could be available. Missouri’s vacancy rate for registered nurses was at 7.8 percent statewide, according to 2008 data from the Missouri Hospital Association.

The most highly sought-after nursing jobs in Missouri are concentrated in and around the major population centers, such as Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Independence and Columbia. Some of the largest and best-known employers of registered nurses in Missouri include: University of Missouri Health Care (which includes five hospitals), Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics (which includes a Magnet hospital), CoxHealth, the St. John’s Health System, the Freeman Health System (a three-hospital system) and the Lake Regional Health System. Those who want to become nurses in Missouri can get information about state licensure through the Missouri State Board of Nursing. The Missouri Nurses Association is the professional organization that represents the state’s nurses, and it maintains a website where RNs here can search for jobs, find continuing education opportunities, connect with other nurses in the state, and keep up to date on policy issues relevant to Missouri’s nurses.

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