Nursing Schools in Idaho

Idaho is a great place both to live and to launch a successful nursing career. Like the other Pacific Northwest states, Idaho has natural beauty in abundance, and Idaho residents have been named among the healthiest in the nation due partly to the outdoor activities they participate in so frequently. Skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, whitewater rafting and kayaking are very popular here due to the varied natural landscape. While Idaho has been hit hard by the downturn in the economy, the good news is that nurses work in the health care industry, one of few industries here that has actually added jobs during the recession. In fact, staff nurses and ICU nurses were named among the top 10 most in-demand positions that needed to be filled, according to a survey of health care employers in Idaho. Nurses are especially needed to take up open positions in the rural areas of Idaho.

Qualified nurses will be needed in Idaho’s hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, doctor’s offices and home health care centers. The most highly sought-after nursing jobs in Idaho are concentrated in and around the more heavily populated cities, such as Boise, Idaho Falls and Nampa. Some of the largest and best-known employers of registered nurses in Idaho include: the St. Luke’s Health System, Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, Kootenai Health and Mercy Medical Center. Those who want to become nurses in Idaho can get information about state licensure through the Idaho Board of Nursing. The Idaho Nurses Association is the professional organization that represents the state’s nurses, and it maintains a website where RNs here can connect with one another, search for continuing education opportunities, and keep up to date on policy issues relevant to Idaho’s nurses.

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