Nursing Schools in Mississippi

Nurses who decide to live and work in Mississippi have several advantages. First, they get to take advantage of living in a state where the cost of living is exceptionally low, meaning their paycheck as a nurse will go farther for necessary expenses such as food and energy. Second, Mississippi is well-known for the friendliness of its residents, which should help nurses who decide to relocate here feel right at home. That’s why some folks call Mississippi “The Hospitality State.” Third, 2008 data from Mississippi’s Office of Nursing Workforce reveals that the state is still in the midst of a nursing shortage. The vacancy rate for registered nurses working in hospitals here was 6.3 percent in 2008. There was a slightly greater vacancy rate for registered nurses working in long-term care, which may indicate a wider availability of positions with nursing homes, home health care agencies and hospices. However, nurses should be needed in Mississippi’s hospitals, outpatient clinics and doctor’s offices as well.

The most highly sought-after nursing jobs in Mississippi are concentrated in and around the major population centers, such as Jackson, Gulfport, Biloxi and Hattiesburg. Some of the largest and best-known employers of registered nurses in Mississippi include: Mississippi Baptist Health Systems/Baptist Memorial Hospital, Forrest General Hospital and its health system, Gulfport Memorial Hospital, Rush Health Systems, St. Dominic’s Hospital, and the University of Mississippi Medical Center and its health system. Those who want to become nurses in Mississippi can get information about state licensure through the Mississippi Board of Nursing. The Mississippi Nurses Association is the professional organization that represents the state’s nurses, and it maintains a website where RNs here can find continuing education opportunities, connect with other nurses in the state, and keep up to date on policy issues relevant to Mississippi’s nurses.

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