Nursing Schools in Hawaii

Hawaii is a vacationer’s paradise with its beautiful beaches and balmy tropical weather. However, it is also an excellent place to launch a nursing career. While the cost of living is high in Hawaii due to its more isolated island location, the average annual salary for nurses here is equally high. In fact, Hawaii’s nurses are paid the most on average of any state in the U.S. except California and Massachusetts. Hawaii also has a remarkably low unemployment rate—6.7 percent in April 2010 while the rest of the nation’s jobless rate hovered close to 10 percent. This bodes well for job-seekers here. Hawaii is also in the midst of a nursing shortage, which puts nurses even more in demand in the Aloha State. Reports in 2008 suggested Hawaii could be short more than 2,500 nurses by the year 2020. Qualified nurses will be needed in Hawaii’s hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, doctor’s offices and home health care centers. Nurses here will need to have a thorough knowledge of Hawaii’s unique culture to be successful.

The most highly sought-after nursing jobs in Hawaii are concentrated in and around the more heavily populated cities, such as Honolulu. Some of the largest and best-known employers of registered nurses in Hawaii include: Hawaii Pacific Health, the Kuakini Health System, the Queens Health Systems, and the St. Francis Health Care System of Hawaii. Those who want to become nurses in Hawaii can get information about state licensure through the Hawaii Board of Nursing. The Hawaii Nurses Association is the professional organization that represents the state’s nurses, and it maintains a website where RNs here can connect with one another and keep up to date on policy issues relevant to Hawaii’s nurses. Hawaii’s nursing students connect with one another through the Hawaii Student Nurses Association.

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