Nursing Schools in Virginia

Home to the oldest legislature in America, Virginia has played an important role in the history of the United States. It served as the territory for the first permanent New World English colony. It also is home to some of the nation’s oldest universities, including the College of William & Mary, which was founded in 1693, and the University of Virginia, which was founded in 1800. Today, the Old Dominion State still has its place of importance. The Pentagon, which serves as the iconic headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, is in Arlington, and the headquarters of the CIA is in Langley. In addition to governmental agencies, Virginia also boasts several unique attractions. One such attraction is the annual Chincoteague Pony Swim, which draws in crowds to witness several hundred wild ponies – allowed to live in a feral state on Assateague Island off the Atlantic coast of Maryland and Virginia – swim across a river before being auctioned.

The government is one of the top employers in the Old Dominion State, followed by the farming – especially of tobacco – and general business industries. Technology is a big field in Virginia as well, with the state being a top producer of computer chips. Health care is yet another growing industry, fueled particularly by the increasing number of residents reaching retirement and elderly age. In order to be a registered nurse (RN) in Virginia, you must enroll in a nursing program approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing and earn a diploma, associate, or bachelor’s degree. Then, you must also successfully complete the NCLEX-RN examination to obtain a nursing license before you can legally practice. Those desiring to learn more about nursing or are interested in hearing the issues brought forth by health care professionals in regards to nursing can attend the formal Board meetings and hearing dates, which are listed on the Board’s website.

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